[:en]MDW Intends to Sue Executive Power of Baku[:]

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[:en]The Movement for Democracy and Welfare (MDW) canceled a picket scheduled for November 19 in front of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection in connection with the refusal of the Baku Executive Power to agree on the action. However, the MDW intends to appeal the decision of the city administration in court.

This is stated in the MDW statement.

It recalls that the MDW planned a picket demanding the restoration of “child allowances”, increasing pensions and benefits, and reducing the retirement age.

However, the Executive did not allow the picket under the pretext of “density of pedestrians and traffic intensity” at the proposed venue, which “creates difficulties for ensuring public order”.

The MDW considers the decision of the city administration to be a ban on the rally and interference with freedom of assembly.

It recalls that, according to the Law on Freedom of Assembly, rallies, demonstrations, and pickets can be limited only in cases of emergency and martial law.

Thus, according to the MDW, the Baku authorities violated the law and Art. 49 of the Constitution of Azerbaijan, guaranteeing freedom of assembly.

In this regard, the MDW decided to sue the Executive Power of Baku.

The MDW was created in February 2015. The organization is headed by a well-known economist Gubad Ibadoglu.


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