[:en]The head of the National Council called for a postponement of the rally on November 2[:]

tərəfindən Gozetci

[:en]The head of the National Council of Democratic Forces of Azerbaijan, Jamil Hasanli, urged the leadership of the National Council and the Popular Front party to urgently consider his proposal to postpone the rally on November 2 to a later date.

“Please consider this my proposal and postpone the rally on November 2. Our Movement is gaining strength; we will not let the population be intimidated.

By a  rally on October 19, the National Council ensured that the facts of violation of human rights and freedom of assembly became known in the whole world.

We need to continue focused work so that the European Union, the USA, the Council of Europe will begin serious negotiations with the Azerbaijani authorities to fulfill their international obligations,” Hasanli wrote on his Facebook page.


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