[:en]Police increased pressure on the opposition on the eve of oppoition rally[:]

tərəfindən Gozetci

[:en]Members of the committee to hold an opposition rally scheduled for October 19 Tofig Yagublu, Ibrahim Ibrahimli, Eldaniz Guliyev and Vahid Maharramli were summoned to the Baku Main Police Department, where he was warned.

“We were told that the uncoordinated action will be suppressed, and the organizers will be held accountable. We, in turn, stated that freedom of assembly is enshrined in the Constitution. We will exercise our constitutional right,” Tofig Yagublu told Turan.

Authorities suggested that the NCDF hold a rally on October 19 in the village of Lokbatan. However, the opposition considered this unacceptable and intends to hold a rally in the center of Baku on the square in front of the May 28 metro station.

Meanwhile, the arrests of activists continue. Today it became known about an administrative arrest for two months of one of Ilham Huseyn, one of the leading figures of the Popular Front party, a member of the organizing committee of the rally.

According to unofficial data, in recent days, about 10 PFPA activists have been administratively arrested.


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