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[:en]On September 10, at about 15:30 on Tuesday, an activist of the Popular Front Party (PFPA) Ruslan Amirli was abducted by unknown people. The party leadership confirmed the information. According to available information, the activist was kidnapped by unknown persons in front of the National Cancer Center, where he went to visit his sick sister. After the abduction, calls to Amirli”s mobile phone do not reach. He is a member of the Narimanov district branch of the PFPA, and is part of the group on a voluntary basis protecting the party leader Ali Kerimli.

According to Karimli himself, Amirli has been threatened in recent days by members of the so-called National Fidain group on facebook. “One of them called Ruslan and threatened to nail him to me with nails,” Ali Karimli wrote on his page. Police ignored public threats against Ruslan Amirli, although at another time he arrested opposition members for criticizing social media. Another pressure on the PFPA coincided with a report on the demolition of the Mehsul stadium in the Yasamal district, where the opposition has held meetings in recent years. This step of the authorities is regarded by the PFPA leader as the desire of the authorities to prevent opposition protests.


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