[:en]Activist alleges torture in colony number 13[:]

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[:en]Prisoners in jail No. 13 are tortured, stated by a former prisoner of this jail, a social activist Bayram Mammadov, citing sources in the jail.

According to him, violations of the rights of prisoners come personally from the head of the colony Chingiz Yunusov.

“There have been tortures there before. In May, the boss was changed, but unfortunately, the facts of torture only increased”, Mammadov said.

In particular, the new chief poured the illegally made alcoholic drink on the prisoner’s head. He recorded this process on a mobile phone camera.

In addition, by order of the chief, the prisoners are beaten with clubs in a supine position and this he also writes down on his phone.

Commenting on the above, the head of the public relations department of the Penitentiary Service, Mehman Sadigov, told Turan that the information about torture in jail No. 13 is untrue. The rights of prisoners are ensured in all penitentiary institutions and this process is under the control of management.

The attempts of individual convicts to violate the rules, not to comply with the legal requirements of the administration are suppressed legally.

It was previously reported that on June 11, convict Mikail Damirli cut himself with a blade in jail No. 13. His mother stated that the cause of the suicide attempt was beatings and inhuman treatment. The prison service denied this information.


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