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[:en]On August 8, the Baku Court of Appeal left Sevinj Abbasova, the former principal of school number 162, under house arrest, who was arrested in the suicide case of an 8th grade student Elina Hajiyeva.

The court, chaired by Mirzali Abbasov, rejected the application of the injured party to change the preventive measure and the detention of Abbasova.

On August 7, the Sabail District Court restored the right of the injured party to appeal against the preventive measure against Abbasova in the form of house arrest.

Lawyers for the injured party believe that the former headmaster of the school Abbasova was charged under Article 143 (leaving in danger) and 314.2 (negligence resulting in the death of the victim) of the Criminal Code. However, under section 120 (suicide), no one is held accountable.

The defense also believes that for the period Abbasova”s investigation should be under arrest, because if she is at large she can influence witnesses.

In addition, the lawyers requested a re-examination with an experienced specialist to determine whether it was possible to save Hajiyev at the time of her delivery to the hospital.

The first examination concluded that it was already impossible to save the girl at the time of admission to the hospital. However, the mother of the teenager believes that Elina was not given the proper assistance and that she was left unattended in the hospital.

* April 8, 2019 student of the school number 162, born 2004 Elina Hajiyeva, jumped from the third floor of the school. In fact, a criminal case under Article 125 (suicide) of the Criminal Code.

Subsequently, the director of the school Abbasova was brought to justice in the case.


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