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[:en] The editor of the Gununsesi.org site, Parviz Hashimli, could not go to Russia today via the Hanoba checkpoint in the Khachmaz region of Azerbaijan. Hashimli himself told Turan about this.

In connection with the publications on the Ganja events of 2018, Hashimli was questioned at the Baku Prosecutor’s Office, after which a ban was imposed on his departure abroad.

Two months ago, he appealed to the Attorney General with request to lift the ban.

After the publication of the letter in the media, the journalist was invited to the Prosecutor General”s Office and was assured that the restriction would be lifted very soon. However, today it turned out that the restriction is in force.

Hashimli was arrested in September 2013 on charges of arms trafficking. Human rights activists recognized him as a political prisoner. In March 2016, he was pardoned.


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