[:en]Elchin Sadigov Being Deprived of Opportunity to Provide Private Advocacy[:]

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[:en]Lawyer Elchin Sadigov from September 1 will be transferred to the Central Law Office (former Legal Advice Office No. 1).

This decision was taken by the Bar Association without his consent.

As the lawyer explained to Turan, from September 1, he will no longer be able to conclude contracts with clients for non-working days and non-working hours, and also to provide free legal services to the public.

“Citizens are obliged to pay the services of a lawyer in the amount of the minimum set by the law office. This means that representatives of low-income families will remain unprotected,” Sadigov said.

At the same time, on non-working days and at non-working hours, citizens will have to seek legal assistance from duty lawyers at law offices, and not to involve lawyers of their own choice.

According to Sadigov, in the Bar this decision was explained with the desire to eliminate individual advocacy. However, the law on lawyers allows individual work of lawyers.

Sadigov was told in the Bar Association that he provided legal services in Baku, while he was registered at his place of residence in the Goygol district,

“I, in turn, said that we have an office in the Goygol district and more than half of our cases concern the protection of the rights of the residents of Goygol and the surrounding areas.

And in general it is not prohibited by law,” said the lawyer.

It was not possible to get comments from the Bar Association.


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