Ministry of Internal Affairs considers the appeal of Ogtay Gyulaliyev

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Xəbərin tarixi: 2018-01-04 12:31:26

Head of Public Alliance "Azerbaijan without Political Prisoners" Ogtay Gulaliyev was invited to the Main Directorate for Passports, Registration and Migration on December 29. The reason for this was his appeal about the unjustified non-extradition of a citizen's passport. Gulaliyev told that he cannot get a passport for six years. In 2012, a lawsuit was fabricated against him. 

At that time he was the coordinator of the civil society headquarters "Kura", which provides legal and advisory assistance to the population affected by the devastating floods on the Kura and Araz rivers. But a year ago the case was closed, but the ban on his departure from the country still remains in force. Several times he applied for the issuance of a passport and even paid a state fee, but every time ASAN service center refused to issue a passport at the, advising him to apply to the Interior Ministry. However, repeated appeals were unsuccessful. 

On December 27 Gyulaliyev decided to appeal again. And to his surprise this time the reaction was prompt and he was invited to the specified department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Friday. "I was told that in connection with my appeal, by the instructions of the leadership, investigations are underway and on January 5 I will be given an answer," Gyulaliyev said.