Afgan Mukhtarly was refused participation in the funeral of his sister and nephews

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Xəbərin tarixi: 2018-01-04 12:27:03

On Monday, the funeral of the sister and two young nephews of the arrested journalist Afgan Mukhtarli was held in Zagatala.

According to the preliminary version, they died as a result of suffocation from carbon monoxide on December 31 in an apartment in Zagatala.

Afgan Mukhtarly, who was on the day of the funeral in jail in the neighboring Sheki region, was not admitted to the funeral under the pretext of being under investigation.

The lawyer of journalist Elchin Sadigov told Turan that Afghan wrote an appeal to the head of the investigator and the leadership of the Penitentiary Service asking for permission to attend the funeral. However, permission was declined.

Human rights defenders who came into contact with the authorities on this issue were also unable to help.