Geyzal Bayramli is not given prescriptions for treatment, lawyer

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Xəbərin tarixi: 2017-08-22 19:49:44

A lawyer Asabali Mustafayev visited today the deputy head of the Popular Front Party (PFPA) Gezal Bayramli and activist of the same party Fuad Ahmadli in the Baku Pre-trial detention center-1.Mustafayev said that Bayramli suffers from health problems. He denied the official statement of the Penitentiary Service on her normal health.

According to the lawyer, the Penitentiary Service is trying to hide the seriousness of Bayramli's health problems, as well as the fact that she is provided with the necessary treatment. So, Bayramli, has not been given out prescriptions so that she can take the medicine correctly.

As for Ahmedli, after the completion of his appeal, the sentence entered into force and the activist is expected to be transferred to the jail. However, it is not yet known which.

Bayramli was detained on May 25 on her return from Georgia. She was accused of smuggling, in particular, an attempt to import undeclared 12 thousand dollars. A lawsuit on smuggling has been filed against her. On the night of May 27, the court ruled on her arrest. Bayramly herself rejected the charges and called them politically motivated.

Fuad Ahmadli was arrested on August 17, 2016, on the far-fetched charge of "violating the norms of the law on operative-search activity" and in particular the distribution of personal data of mobile communication users "Azerfon". In addition, he was accused of abuse of official authority.

On June 16, Ahmadli was sentenced to four years imprisonment. On August 17, the appellate court upheld the verdict. He is recognized as a political prisoner.