Mehman Huseynov’s Complaint in European Court

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Xəbərin tarixi: 2017-08-07 17:23:01

The European Court accepted the complaint of the imprisoned blogger Mehman Huseynov in connection with the torture before his arrest and an administrative fine. The lawyer of the blogger Elchin Sadigov told Radio Azadlig about it. According to him, the complaint was prepared by lawyers from Azerbaijan and Great Britain. It is associated with an ineffective investigation of the administrative fine levied from the blogger and the fact of his torture. The complainant demands recognition of the violations and payment of compensation.

The blogger Mehman Huseynov, who met on August 5 with his lawyer in Prison No 14, expressed dissatisfaction with the delay in the consideration of his complaint by the Supreme Court.

"Back in May we filed a cassation appeal in connection with his arrest for libel. The legal complaint was registered on May 15. However, there is still no information on the date of the consideration. Mehman Huseynov is dissatisfied with the delay in considering the complaint," the lawyer said. According to him, Huseynov does not complain about the conditions of detention, although health problems still remain. The lawyer added that, despite the appeals, there is no medical assistance, and the due surgical operation is not provided.

Mehman Huseynov was sentenced to 2 years in prison by the Surakhani court. Prior to that, he was kidnapped on January 9 of this year and was held in the 22nd police department of the Nasimi district of Baku. On charges of disobeying the police, he was fined 200 manat. While in police custody he was tortured. The announcement of this to the press after his release was the reason for his arrest and subsequent conviction.