The court extended for two months the arrest of former Ganja officials

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The Binagadi District Court extended for another 2 months the term of arrest of the former head of the executive power of the Nizami district of Ganja, Maharat Mustafayev, and the former head of the architecture department of the Executive Power of the city, Ali Rustamov.

Both were detained in connection with a criminal case in August 2020 by the Main Anti-Corruption Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan.

The investigation established that Mustafayev, in an agreement with Rustamli and other officials, received bribes from individuals in the total amount of 194,300 manats. In return, he issued permits for the design of private houses and the conduct of construction work.

The arrested are charged under the following Articles of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan: 308.2 (abuse of office, which entailed grave consequences), 311.3 (receiving a large scale bribe by a group of persons by prior conspiracy or by an organized group), 32.4, 312.2 (bribing an official for knowingly committing illegal actions), and 29, 178.2 (fraud with causing significant damage by a person using his official position).

The lawyers for the arrested were not available for comment.


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