Member of the Musavat party arrested

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Nizami Suleymanov, a member of the Musavat party, was arrested for 20 days. The Surakhany District Court found him guilty under the Article 206 (illegal drug trafficking in quantities required for personal consumption) of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

“Suleymanov said that he was threatened in various ways and that he was demanded to leave the Musavat party. Apparently they are punishing him because of refusal to obey,” the Party stated. According to the same source, Suleymanov was subjected to various forms of pressure in the latter. Recently, his gas supply was cut off.

“On April 5 he was summoned to the 30th police station of the Surakhani region and demanded to quit the party. He responded by declaring the inadmissibility of police intervention in politics. After that, he was taken to court and arrested. Together with him, his nephew Akif Suleymanov was also arrested for 20 days,” the party noted.

Musavat’s board demanded an end to police interference in politics and pressure on opposition activists. Turan failed to get comments from the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


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