Wendy Morton meets with civil society activists in Azerbaijan

tərəfindən Gozetci

On February 9, the British Minister  at the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, Wendy Morton, who is on a visit to Baku, held meetings with representatives of the country’s civil society. The meeting was attended by Shahla Ismail, Anar Mammadli and Rasul Jafarov.

During the conversation, a wide range of issues were discussed, ranging from violations of international humanitarian law in the 44-day Karabakh war to problems of civil society,   Rasul Jafarov told Turan .

Suggestions were made on ways to solve the problems of civil society institutions.

The participants in the meeting agreed that in the post-conflict period, fundamental steps in the field of human rights, including improving legislation on NGOs and solving the problems of political prisoners, would benefit society and the state.

The benefit of such meetings is that high-ranking foreign delegations at meetings with officials can convey issues of concern to civil society, Jafarov noted.


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