The trial in the case of the PFPA activist continues

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The trial in the case of a member of the Popular Front Party, bodyguard of the party leader Ruslan Amirov, continued today in the Baku Serious Crimes Court.

The hearings were postponed to February 10 because of the participation of only one witness at the trial, and the absence of the rest.

Amirov was prosecuted in connection with the demonstration on July 14-15, 2020 in support of the army, part of which broke into the parliament building.

Amirov was charged under the Article 186 (intentional damage to or destruction of property), 233 (violation of public order), 315 (use of violence against the police) and 127.2 (intentional infliction of less serious damage to health) of the Criminal Code.

In relation to Amirov, a preventive measure was chosen in the form of transferring him under police supervision.

In an interview with the Azerbaijani service of the Voice of America, Amirov said that he participated in a peaceful action, but did not commit illegal actions.

“The criminal case against me is of a political nature. I have not committed any illegal activities. I took part in the action to support the Azerbaijani army and today I support it,” Amirov said.

Earlier, the PFPA reported that 45 activists were detained in connection with the rally on July 14-15, including 15 arrested in an administrative manner, 16 criminal charges were brought up, and 14 were interrogated as witnesses.

Subsequently, a preventive measure was chosen against those arrested on criminal charges and they were released from custody.


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