The fate of the prisoners of war remains unclear

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According to paragraph 1 of the ceasefire declaration signed on October 10 by the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia, the parties, through the mediation of the Red Cross, were to exchange the bodies of the dead and prisoners.

However, almost a week has passed, but this process has not begun. An attempt to collect the bodies of the dead and their subsequent transfer to the Armenian side, a group of Azerbaijani servicemen was fired upon. According to the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, it happened on October 11, after less than a day after the signing of the Moscow document.

Both sides admit they have prisoners of war, without giving the exact number.

Meanwhile, the Armenian side reported about two Armenian prisoners – Areg Sargsyan and Narek Amirjanyan. The Armenian side appealed to the European Court regarding them.

At the same time, the Armenian website Infoteka 24 reported on two Azerbaijani prisoners of war and published their videos. One of the prisoners was wounded and was operated on, is in the hospital. The image shows that he is handcuffed to the bed. The Armenians do not mention his name.

The Azerbaijani side has not yet commented on the presence of captured Armenians, as well as its own prisoners of war on the Armenian side.

The head of the National Committee of the Helsinki Civil Assembly, Arzu Abdullayeva, believes that the photos and videos of the prisoners of war should be checked. “In the course of the information war, fakes are actively used and we do not know exactly how true these photos and videos are,” she said.

Abdullayeva believes that the State Commission for Captives and Hostages should itself find out the fate of Azerbaijani prisoners, if Armenians have them. In addition, civil society activists in both countries must also establish contacts to find a solution to this humanitarian problem.


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