[:en]Bank Debtors Preparing for Hunger Strike in Imishli[:]

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[:en]A group of residents of the Imishli region intends to begin a hunger strike in the district center in front of the House of Justice on November 30. Turan was told by a resident of the district Vugar Gadirov.

The hunger strike is held in protest against the retention of their debt to banks and the strict execution of court decisions.

“The new head of the execution department acts together with the banks and wants to collect debts as quickly as possible at the expense of the citizens. For example, he did not limit himself to keeping half of my brother”s 480-manat salary, but also began to take half-salary from his guarantor. The brother has to compensate these funds to his guarantor, and nothing remains of the salary,” said Gadirov.

Another resident Namig Soltanov also complains about the bailiffs.

“I work in a gas operational management. My monthly income is 350-500 manat. But for many months now I have been receiving half the salary. A few days ago, my guarantor was threatened that his car would be seized. I did not refuse to pay the debt, so why is another person involved in this matter?” said Soltanov.

The regional branch of the Public Association of War Veterans appealed to the local offices of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health and the district administration in connection with the planned hunger strike.

The main initiators of the action are veterans and invalids of the Karabakh war, said the head of the Imishli branch of the said public organization Taleh Tapdygov.

According to him, the decision to go on a hunger strike was not made by the branch of the organization, but it is concerned for the fate of its members.

He called on the district authorities to solve the problem through dialogue.

If the hunger strike cannot be avoided, then measures should be taken to ensure the safety of its participants and control their health.

Ruhin Khalilov, head of the district office of the Execution and Probation Department, believes his staff is acting within the law.

At the same time, he confirmed that the district office of the Union of Veterans appealed to his department. This appeal will be studied and benefits will be applied as far as possible, Khalilov said.[:]

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