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Human rights



For human rights map

In this field of website you can send materials about human rights issues happening in our country. After reviewing, your materials will be published in the human rights map by keeping your anonimity.

By sendind the abuses on human rights you can increase your civil control on human rights, help to spread information about the situation of human rights. Through this we can attract public authorities attention to the problem and solve it quickly.

Human right’s information examlpes can be mentioned as below:

1. Freedom of assembly

2. Freedom of expression

3. Freedom of assocation

4. Ownership

5. Court

6. Educational right

7. Social right

8. Economic rights

You can send the information via this portal, e-mail and sms. Please, do not forget that the videos sent by sms cannot be more than 300 kb according to the limits of mobile operators. Files sent by e-mail and portal are not limited.

According Azerbaijani legislatory law in written complaints there should not be any violent appeal against the state.

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