Afghan Mukhtarly returned to prison ahead of schedule

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Xəbərin tarixi: 2018-02-09 16:34:48

Journalist Afgan Mukhtarly, released on February 8 from an isolator for two days to participate in the funeral of his relatives, was returned to the Sheki penitentiary ahead of schedule. He was released on February 8 for two days and the holiday was due to expire on the morning of February 10. However, this afternoon he was hurriedly returned to the detention center. Lawyer Nemat Kerimli was at a loss to name the reasons for this.

"I can only say that this is an inhuman step," Kerimli said in a conversation with a correspondent of Turan.

According to observers, Mukhtarly's early return is due to interviews he gave the media, in which he criticized the authorities and exposed the charges against him.

Mukhtarli was abducted on May 29, 2017 in Tbilisi by police officers of Georgia and transferred to the authorities of Azerbaijan. At the same time, 10 thousand euros were planted in his pocket, and he was accused of illegal border crossing and smuggling. In January, the court sentenced him to six years in prison. After being persecuted in Baku, Mukhtarly moved to Tbilisi and worked with opposition Azerbaijani publications, investigating corruption in the highest echelons of power in Azerbaijan.