Two PFPA Activists Dragged into Police

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Xəbərin tarixi: 2018-01-05 12:21:40

Two activists of the Popular Front Party have been summoned to the police for two days in a row: Natig Kazimov, member of the party's youth committee, is summoned to the Binagadi police department and member of the Binagadi branch of the party Rashid Farajli - to the Baku Main Police Department.

The reason for calling Kazimov is his proposal to the residents of the Gobu village where he lives to send a complaint to the gas department in connection with problems with gas supply. Farajli, however, is called due to his activity in social networks, where he publishes articles on socio-political issues.

After interrogations on January 4, activists were again summoned to the police, the Popular Front Party reported.

We could not get due comments from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.