Mehman Aliyev Detained in Violation of Law - Lawyer

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Xəbərin tarixi: 2017-08-25 00:54:09

The detention of the Director of Turan News Agency Mehman Aliyev was carried out in violation of the law, the lawyer Fuad Agayev told Turan.

He said that on Thursday at 3 p.m. the Baku Court of Appeal considered the Agency"s complaint against the decision of the Nasimi district court to search the Agency"s office. The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal. After the meeting, the investigator and the prosecutor asked Aliyev to go along with them to the Tax Ministry"s Department of Tax Crimes "for a forty-minute interrogation".

The lawyer Agayev informed Aliyev that he could refuse to go to the investigative department, because he had not been informed in advance and had not received a summons. However, Aliyev said he was going, because he had nothing to fear. The lawyer went with him.

Aliyev and Agayev were kept in the same room in the Department of Tax Crimes. About 17.50 the investigator Vusal Ibadov asked the lawyer for a warrant. Agayev said there was no need for a warrant, since Aliyev was a witness. In turn, the investigator stated that Aliyev's status had "changed." In response, the lawyer said the working day was already over, and he could not present a warrant at the moment. After this, the lawyer was taken out of the Department.

At the same time, the lawyer pointed out that even before the investigator reported on Aliyev"s status change, pro-government media had already reported the detention of the Agency's Director. "This in itself shows at what level the order was given for the detention of Mehman Aliyev," the lawyer said.

He called the actions of the investigation illegal, because, despite the presence of a lawyer, he was deprived of legal protection.

Aliyev himself soon called Turan and said he was detained as a suspect under Articles 213.1 (tax evasion) and 308.1 (abuse of office). He was offered a state lawyer. However, he refused and said his lawyer was Fuad Agayev.

Within 48 hours Aliyev should appear before the court for the election of a preventive measure. He believes this will happen no sooner than on Friday, when Agayev takes the warrant.

Turan Agency categorically rejects allegations of non-payment of taxes in the amount of 37,000 manats and believes this criminal case is directed against the free professional activity of its creative team.