Jamil Hajiyev summoned to court (updated)

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Xəbərin tarixi: 2017-08-07 20:20:40

A detained youth activist, member of the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) Jamil Hajiyev, was released from the 4th branch of the Binagadi district police department at about 4.00 pm., according to human rights activist Fuad Hasanov.

The reason for the detention was a trial in connection with the participation of Hajiyev in protest actions. So, today in the Binagadi district court Hajiyev protested in connection with the delaying proceedings. This did not please the representatives of the court. Upon leaving the building, Hajiyev was detained by the police and brought to the 4th branch of Binagadi police office.

Here he was accused of hooliganism in the courthouse and again taken to court, but on the way back to the police.

He was made toi sigh a documunt that he must appear in court, which will be held within two days.

Hajiyev was repeatedly subjected to administrative arrests for participation in protests. Recently, the European Court granted his complaint and ordered to pay him a compensation of 13000 euros in connection with the arrests for participation in opposition rallies in 2012-2013. -05B-

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2017 August 07 (Monday) 15:33:15

Political activist detained

Baku/07.08.17/Turan: Activist and member of the National Council Jamil Hajiyev was detained on Monday afternoon by police, human rights activist Fuad Hasanov said. The reason for the detention is unknown, Hajiyev was taken to the 4th police station of the Binagadi district of the capital. Jamil Hajiyev is a member of the Monitoring Group of the Coalition for Transparency in the Extractive Industries.