Is Taleh Bagirzadeh Tortured?

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Xəbərin tarixi: 2017-08-07 17:11:10

Immediately after the transfer of the leader of the movement Muslim Unity Taleh Bagirzadeh to the Gobustan prison, he was put in a punishment cell and tortured. This was told by his relatives.


Bagirzadeh was transferred to this prison in connection with the entry into force of a 20-year prison sentence against him a week ago. He was immediately put in a punishment cell and beaten. According to members of his family, Bagirzadeh is in a grave condition and an ambulance was called for him. At the same time, no official information is provided to relatives.


The lawyer for Bagirzadeh, Yalchin Imanov cannot meet with him, despite the fact that at the beginning of this week he sent a copy of the warrant to the Penitentiary Service and an official letter requesting a visit to Bagirzadeh in the Gobustan prison.


It is interesting that Bagirzadeh was also imprisoned in a punishment cell in the Kurdakhani detention center before being transferred to this prison, after he and other defendants in the court of appeal staged a protest against depriving them of the opportunity to present the final speech.


It was not possible to receive comments in the Penitentiary Service.


Bagirzadeh and 17 others were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment for serious crimes, including terrorism, murders and an attempted violent change of the constitutional order. They were arrested during a special operation in the village of Nardaran in November 2015. On July 21, the court of appeal upheld the verdict.


Human rights organizations recognize the convicts as political prisoners.