Gezal Bayramli Not Provided Even Cane to Walk

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Xəbərin tarixi: 2017-08-04 17:27:52

Serious problems remain with the health of the deputy chairman of the Popular Front Party Gezal Bayramli.

The journalist Afgan Mukhtarly and the head of the Internet resource Channel 13 Aziz Orujov are displeased with the investigation. This was reported by the lawyer Elchin Sadigov, who met with them in the Baku pretrial detention center on August 3.

According to the lawyer, every day Bayramli's health deteriorates. Her left leg does not work well, and she can be paralyzed. So far, she has not received the necessary assistance. She is not able to move around freely, the lawyer said. "She needs at least a cane to move about. The defense turned to the relevant bodies, but Bayramli was not given a cane," said the lawyer.

According to him, Aziz Orujov also has health problems and is also dissatisfied with the investigation. He did not have the authority to sign any grant agreements or give any instructions. However, this is exactly what he is accused of, the lawyer said.